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Fagerborg congregation, the owners of Fagerborg congregation Kindergarten, has a solid and extensive experience in operation of kindergarten. Since 1958, our church has had a focus and priority on the offer for the youngest. There are many children's memories associated with the tear and wear of our over 50 year old red painted, cozy and cheerful, tiny house.

In 2008, the congregation decided to build a new kindergarten as they wished to further invest in providing safe and good upbringing for children from 1-6 years old. With great expectation and fascination, the move to the new building was made in December 2010 with 68 children.

As an architectural gem, the new Fagerborg congregation Kindergarten has received two awards for its design. This impressive building was designed by the architect Reiulf Ramstad of Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter (RRA) who solved the owner's requirement of clear design in contemporary expressions in an extraordinary way.

With it's 1000 m2, the kindergarten consists of 4 departments. Both the outside cladding and the roof are in iron sulphate protected larch, while the inside walls and ceilings are white pigmented spruce paneling. The glass and windows give a stimulating daylight throughout several places in the building. Surrounded by green lawns and trees, the kindergarten is hidden in a quite housing estate. The nearest neighbor, an open area of activity, gives the outdoor space a rural character.

In 2011, Fagerborg Congregation Kindergarten received “Oslo City Architectural Prize” with honorable mention. The same year, the building was crowned by Oslo Association of Architects with The Sundt Prize.

The leaders of the kindergarten wish to strengthen the child's sense of belonging and security experience by maintaining principle of departments. At the same time, rooms can be opened up and the departments can expand the space and share playtime and activities. Each department has its own pedagogic leader and assistants. For the small ones, 1-3 years, two of the departments has an addition of a pre-school teacher each.

Our vision:  “Here, it is good to be, play and learn”,  gives direction to the kindergarten's business and the main pedagogical way of working. We wish that the children, their parents and the staff can relate to this in a good way. Through creative play and daily activities, the kindergarten works at helping the children to explore the world and stimulate their physical, psychological and social skills and development. It is important for us that as the children interact with each and the adults, can learn and develop into independent and interactive individuals.

As a church kindergarten, we expand our focus and spend a bit more time than other kindergartens on the contents of the church festivals, especially Christmas and Easter.

To apply for admission, use the “barnehageportalen” on
The deadline for main intake is 1.March


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